We are extremely grateful to Stuart Hoegner for the support of the Gaming Counsel: http://www.gamingcounsel.co/


Gaming Counsel Professional Corporation is a boutique law practice focused on the needs of the international cryptocurrency sector and the gaming and betting community. Representative clients in digital currency include leading cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and investors; bitcoin 2.0 initiatives and smart property projects; some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges; bitcoin ATM manufacturers and operators; and, digital currency gaming and betting platforms. As to gaming, our experience spans both online interactive and land-based gaming work. We act for the owners of top Internet poker and bookmaking brands; skill games operators; governments and lottery corporations in the Internet gaming space; gaming equipment manufacturers; fantasy sports businesses; media companies; professional poker players; and, entrepreneurs in the gaming and social media sectors. We have represented clients at every stage of development, from startup and IPO phases through going private and divestiture transactions. Our clients include private enterprises and corporations listed on stock exchanges in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. We counsel our clients on M&A, tax, corporate, regulatory, compliance, and IP matters. We bring expert technical and creative legal solutions to our clients so that they can excel.


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