Money, Law and Bitcoin: Resources

Bank of England, ‘the economics of digital currencies’, ‘the emergence of digital currencies’

Dowd, New Private Monies – a Bit-Part Player?

EBA, Opinion on Virtual Currencies

Fox, Property Rights in Money (OUP 2008)

Graeber, Debt: the first 500 years (Melville House Publishing, 2013)

HM Treasury, Call for Information. UKDCA response 

Martin, ‘Bitcoin is pointless as a currency, but it could change the world anyway’

Mitchell-Innes A, ‘What is Money?’ (1913) 31 Banking Law Journal 377

Mitchell-Innes, ‘Credit Theory of Money’ (1914) 31 Banking Law Journal 151

Proctor, Mann on the Legal Aspect of Money (7th edn, Oxford: OUP 2012)

Brett Scott, ‘The State of Academic Bitcoin Research 2014’ 


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