Call for Papers and Participation


Call for Papers and Participation

Conference: ‘Controlling Crypto-currencies’

University of Birmingham

12 June, 2015

Part of the Modern Law Review Seminar Series

On June 12 2015, the University of Birmingham will host an international interdisciplinary conference entitled “Controlling Crypto-currencies”. The purpose of the conference is to bring together practitioners, stakeholders, financial regulators, and academics to discuss the most important issues raised by crypto-currencies, with a view to creating a solid research platform to inform emerging regulatory and private law frameworks. Topics will include: jurisdiction; terrorism; money-laundering; private law control; economic stability, and comparative regulatory approaches. Papers are welcomed from any area within law, economics, politics and computer security. Limited space will also be available to those wishing to attend the conference without presenting a paper. Those wishing to offer a paper should send an abstract to Tatiana Cutts at by 27th February 2015. Those wishing simply to attend should send an expression of interest to the same email by the same date.


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